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Not Receiving Certain Emails?  Check Your Junk Folder

Not Receiving Certain Emails? Check Your Junk Folder


As a marketing firm that offers our clients numerous and customized digital services, our firm sometimes has to provide technical support as well. A support issue that we often encounter relates to incoming email messages not being received. Often times, the issue is simple: your incoming email is going to your Microsoft Outlook junk folder because it has been deemed as spam.

The reason for this varies. Sometimes our servers mark the email as spam because of the content in the email that was sent to you. Other possibilities can include the subject of the email or even the sender’s host. In this case, it is suggested that you login to your Webmail account (not your Microsoft Outlook account) and see whether the message in question can be found in the junk or spam folder as opposed to the inbox. Should the emails be in your junk folder, our team at WSI recommends that you manually mark all safe emails as “not junk”. When you do so, make sure also to mark the safe senders as trusted senders in your webmail. This will train the spam filters to recognize that emails from those senders are safe and should always go straight to your inbox.

To do this, you can follow the step-by-step guidelines explained below:

  • Log in to your webmail at with your username and password

Marking an email as not spam:

  • In webmail, locate the email message in your junk folder on the left side bar menu
  • Right-click the email message
  • Select Actions
  • Select Mark
  • Select Not spam

Marking a Trusted Sender:

  • Log in to webmail
  • Select Settings from the sidebar on the left hand side of the screen
  • Under My Settings, select Trusted Senders
  • Select New
  • Type in the email address or addresses (one per line) and select Save

Taking the appropriate actions will train the mail servers and will prevent them from marking these emails as Junk in the future. We recommend routinely logging in to your webmail to see if there are any trusted valid emails that have gone to your junk mail folder.

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