Mystery Location Challenge (20 points) 
  • Your final clue is: birthplace
  • You now have 4 clues and should be able to solve the mystery location
  • Go to that mystery location (town) and find a park with a gazebo (see pictures below)
  • Once in the park, take a team video having a picnic with your 3 purchased items; sweet, crunchy & wet
  • Without giving away any clues or the town, tell an interesting fact or two about this town in your picnic video
  • Post your video to Instagram – remember to tag #mysteryrally22
  • Return to Centennial Park for check-in, you have multiple return route options to consider, good luck
  • See another bonus challenge below for your drive back
Bonus Challenge
  • Prepare a rap song about your day to the tune of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” or whatever tune you want
  • Your team will performed the rap at Centennial Park after everyone’s return
  • Your rap will be judged by all the teams so make it entertaining and a minimum of 45 seconds long
  • First place rap: 10 points, second: 8, third: 6, all qualifying raps receive a minimum of 5 points, no rap = no bonus points.