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WordPress Montreal Development and Support Experts

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS tools available that is easy for clients to manage, scalable and is SEO friendly making it a powerful tool to help grow your business.

When it comes choosing a website platform to build a powerful marketing solution, there are a ton of options out there. Our Montreal SEO agency team’s platform of choice is WordPress, which is the world’s most popular content management system (CMS). It’s the first choice among CMS users, and it now powers more than 35% of the internet. That’s no coincidence; WordPress enjoys massive popularity today because it’s an intuitive platform that’s both powerful and intuitive to use.


Benefits of WordPress

Easy to Manage

WordPress is an intuitive platform which allows you to easily update content, images or documents with page editors that makes formatting and layout a breeze.

Responsive Web Design

A responsive site is no longer an option but a must. As of 2019, Google indexes mobile-first. It will look at a site’s mobile version to index its pages. If you want to rank well, WordPress will improve your chances.

No HTML Editing Required

You can easily create a new blog post, add new pages, integrate new content, add images, embed videos, upload documents and change layouts on the fly without any coding knowledge.

Upgrade Site Capabilities

Want to add an event calendar, dealer locator, photo gallery or social media wall easily by easily integrating reputable WordPress plugins.

SEO Friendly Platform

Google loves WordPress because of its well-structured page hierarchy and customizable URL to include relevant keywords.

Fully Scalable

A WordPress site will grow as your business grows. Easily add new pages or posts as required. Capacity to build out SEO-focused content on a regular basis.

Why is WordPress our Platform of Choice?

WordPress makes it seamless for businesses to share fresh, regular content on to their website. Google likes fresh content and will reward you with higher rankings on the search engines.

Other reasons Google loves WordPress:

  • The logical architecture of Website URLs, which can be customized with relevant keywords.
  • Google loves mobile-friendly Websites – WordPress can be built as fully-responsive for all screen sizes.
  • Originally built as a blog platform – now used a powerful publishing tool for fresh content.
  • The availability of several industry leading SEO plugins to improve the quality of your content, the meta-content and microdata for Google to index with the goal of improving your search engine rankings.

WordPress Training

As a standard part of our offerings, we train you on editing page content, creating new pages, inserting new images or blog posts, inputting new events and how to use the tools or plugins that have been implemented on the site. The whole point of having a CMS is that you can make revisions with ease and actively participate in keeping your site fresh and Google loves fresh content and will reward you with a higher ranking.

WordPress Maintenance and Support Services

As a seasoned WordPress development team in Montreal, we understand the complexities of the system and understand that security is an ongoing concern and speed can be difficult to manage.

Our Montreal digital marketing team is very focused on the security of your WordPress Websites once launched online. To minimize the potential of the site being hacked, of which they are prone to, it is critical the site be maintained on a regular basis. Our WordPress maintenance services includes the regular updating of the WordPress version, the theme as well as all the plugins on an ongoing basis to minimize the potential risks. Learn more about the importance of WordPress Maintenance services.

We monitor a list of plugin vulnerabilities and exploitations that are prone to malicious malware injections and our team tends to the updates immediately when the fix is available.

In short, we are here to support the security and functionality of this powerful marketing platform well beyond the launch of a Website, so that you can focus on running your business without the worry of your site’s vulnerabilities.

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