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We began working with WSI In 2022 and embarked on a complete overhaul of our website as well as a... read more
Beverly Robb Avatar
Beverly Robb
We are delighted to be working with WSI. They are professional and creative and are truly a partner to... read more
Colorectal Cancer Canada Avatar
Colorectal Cancer Canada
I'm not even sure where to start. We have been successfully using WSI for more than 7 years now. Anything... read more
Don Prashker Avatar
Don Prashker
I have been in Business since 1996 and use WSI since about 15 yrs. Lately life is taking me towards... read more
mlapointe mlapointe Avatar
mlapointe mlapointe
Where to even start? I'm convinced I was the most challenging person to ever develop a website for, but the... read more
Darren St-Georges Avatar
Darren St-Georges
Thank you for bringing so much clarity and value to our clients! Your Digital Marketing Blueprint, amongst other in-depth assessments... read more
SIVA Marketing Avatar
SIVA Marketing
We (Viable Power Conversion Technologies) entrusted WSI Montreal with the task of updating our company website. We were looking for... read more
Simon Harte Avatar
Simon Harte
Just added some new web and social media services with WSI, and was very impressed with the team approach they... read more
DR Rs Avatar
WSI service is THE BEST. As a web design agency I have worked with many clients who use SEO... read more
Dahna Weber Avatar
Dahna Weber
Chris, Laurie and their amazing team at WSI Digital Marketing are just amazing! Over the years they have help... read more
Marco Della Rocca Avatar
Marco Della Rocca
“Digital Strategy”. If you’re the type of person that these words feel daunting to and cause that “what does all... read more
Rob Geller Avatar
Rob Geller
We decide to go with WSI Montreal because of the human touch they brought to the process, right from the... read more
Planit Canada Avatar
Planit Canada
WSI Digital Marketing has proven to be a powerful marketing partner for our firm and I can confidently say that... read more
Robert Brideau Avatar
Robert Brideau
Our website has created a lot more business opportunities! The WSI team were professional and have continued to be helpful... read more
Gordon Paterson Avatar
Gordon Paterson
I've had a great experience working with Laurie and Chris and the WSI Team. High praise for all the professionalism... read more
Ron Wiebe Avatar
Ron Wiebe
Although we are not a huge client for WSI, we are consistently treated like one. Fast, accurate and professional service.... read more
Don Field Avatar
Don Field
WSI did a complete re-design of our website and they made our website BEAUTIFUL, they made it CONVERT, they made... read more
Eileen MacDonell Avatar
Eileen MacDonell
Dynamic team of specialist working to make you look your best, cant beat their high business standards
Darlington Fils Avatar
Darlington Fils
Attended an information session with WSI in connection to the chamber of commerce of the West Island and it was... read more
Leesta Industries Ltd. Avatar
Leesta Industries Ltd.
Excellent presentation on "Deconstructing Google to Build a Winning SEO Strategy\" at Montreal-West Island Chamber of Commerce by Chris Murray... read more
Pat Snow Avatar
Pat Snow
Chris, Laurie and their team have been phenomenal. They took the time to get to know us, and evaluate our... read more
JP Bedirian Avatar
JP Bedirian
We wanted to update our website and increase our visibility. Chris, Laurie and the team at WSI showed a... read more
Megan Gasco Avatar
Megan Gasco
Thank you very much for your exceptional work. Building our Explorations website has been a very positive experience and the...
read more
Mary Townsend Avatar
Mary Townsend
A few words about WSI Montreal…
By Stephen J. Hall, October 30, 2014

WSI Montreal is a digital marketing firm...
read more
Stephen J. Hall Avatar
Stephen J. Hall
Thank you Chris for the very informative session on the topic of "Deconstructing Google" at last Thursday's breakfast session at... read more
Elizabeth Ela Stafiej Avatar
Elizabeth Ela Stafiej
I have been using WSI Montreal's services for 2,5 years. We have a rather big web site; 300 pages... read more
Michel Comtois Avatar
Michel Comtois
positive review The VOBOC Foundation is honoured to have wonderful support and service from Chris, Laurie and the team at WSI. ... read more
Doreen Edward Avatar
Doreen Edward
Chris is a great expert. He not only has an in depth knowledge about web design but he is also... read more
Olivier Sabag Vaillancourt Avatar
Olivier Sabag Vaillancourt
WSI Pointe-Claire is THE team to pro pulse you on the web. They are always keeping up with all the... read more
Isabelle Darlington Avatar
Isabelle Darlington
Great experience with WSI for our ‘Introduction to social media’ course, tailored to our corporate needs. Laurie was an excellent... read more
Sarah Stapleton Avatar
Sarah Stapleton
Laurie gave us a great presentation about increasing our brand awareness on the web. Very interesting.


Dominique Levac Avatar
Dominique Levac
We wanted to update our website and increase our visibility. Chris, Laurie and the team at WSI showed a... read more
Dee Davidson Avatar
Dee Davidson
positive review I want to thank Chris and Laurie for the wonderful support and assistance they have provided to me and my... read more
Margot Uson Avatar
Margot Uson
Thank you Laurie & team for the great support you have given to I-MED Pharma on the launch of our... read more
Laura Baldassare Avatar
Laura Baldassare
Thank god for WSI. We were nowhere regarding our website, google ratings and Facebook. With Laurie's help we re-designed our... read more
Bob Mironowicz Avatar
Bob Mironowicz
Chris, Laurie and their team at WSI are just amazing! Through hard work and patience they have done an... read more
Marco Della Rocca Avatar
Marco Della Rocca
WSI has a great team who all contributed to developing my website. I am very impressed with their professionalism... read more
Donna Byrne Avatar
Donna Byrne
Working with WSI has been a Godsend! So grateful to David for all the optimization changes made on our website... read more
Eileen MacDonell Avatar
Eileen MacDonell
positive review Awesome I invest $800 and i am earning $9000 on weekly basis, Mrs Rachael Raschke a good and trustworthy account... read more
Basiru Taiwo Avatar
Basiru Taiwo
Chris, Mykola and Laurie are customer orientated and extremely diligent in their work and the team provides an appreciated personal... read more
Alan Mew Avatar
Alan Mew
Never doubted their competency!
I have known almost since the beginning of their company and have a lot of respect for...
read more
Patrick Hureau Avatar
Patrick Hureau
Clear understanding of our direction. Laurie and her Team are very knowledgeable. Thank you for your services. It was a... read more
Evan Antipas Avatar
Evan Antipas
Attended a West Island Chamber of Commerce Session with Chris presenting the advantages of using social media. Very informative and... read more
Ronald Wiebe Avatar
Ronald Wiebe
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