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Congrats To The ID Group And Terragon

Congrats to The ID Group and Terragon

The team at WSI Digital Marketing in Montreal is thrilled to share that two of our clients, The ID Group and  Terragon Environmental Technologies, have been recognized as the Top 10 Canada Defense Technology Companies in 2022. These companies are being acknowledged for their contributions to the aerospace and defense (A&D) industries. We’re excited to see how they continue to grow and innovate for the industry. With our strong focus on industrial and manufacturing marketing, it’s always exciting to see our clients earning recognition in their respective industries.

Aerospace & Defense Review Top 10 Canada Defense Technology Companies in 2022

Aerospace & Defense Review bills itself as “The Business and Technology Magazine for the A&D Industry”. Their platform offers insights on trends, innovation, best practices, and an overall understanding of what is happening in the industry in Canada. The magazine recognizes innovators and leaders in A&D to showcase the technologies that are being developed as part of Canada’s defense. Two of our clients, The ID Group and Terragon Environmental Technologies have been included in this prestigious list for 2022.

About The ID Group

The ID Group, headquartered in Ottawa, focuses on energy management solutions, such as noise reduction, thermal insulation, and EMI RFI shielding across many industries, from telecommunications to aerospace, and medical. They are innovators in their field by offering extremely reliable motors and actuators and finding custom solutions for space and aerospace applications. In the A&D interview, Irwin Lambersky talks about how The ID Group helped a telecom client develop frameless aluminum honeycomb vents for better heat management in server rooms. WSI Montreal is so delighted to be part of their success.

Read The ID Group interview by A&D

About Terragon Environmental Technologies

Terragon is headquartered in Montreal. The company’s focus is on sustainability, creating solutions to minimize water and energy use and finding ways to reuse resources that might be considered waste. Their goal is total resource utilization and helping organizations to reduce their carbon footprint. These solutions are being used in the military, ship, and sea platforms, and in many other industries. The interview refers to Terragon’s transportable technology solutions including MAGS, an energy generation appliance fueled by waste, and WETT, a wastewater treatment technology. WSI is happy to see Terragon recognized for its innovative solutions.

Read Terragon’s interview by A&D

How WSI Helps Manufacturing and Industrial Clients

WSI is proud to partner with these innovative companies who are changing the landscape for other industries. We specialize in manufacturing and industrial marketing, helping clients strengthen their digital presence and utilize advanced web technologies for online lead generation and customer conversion. The ID Group and Terragon are just two of our clients that we have helped with strategic digital marketing initiatives that deliver measurable results. We have also worked with Viable, Norgas, Avior, MPI Matco, among others in the B2B manufacturing and industrial space.

Some of the key digital marketing services we offer manufacturers include:

  • Digital marketing strategy
  • SEO strategy
  • Content marketing strategy (videos, case studies, product catalog and datasheets)
  • Competitor analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Paid marketing
  • LinkedIn and Google Business Profile management

Marketing in the B2B arena requires a deep understanding of audience profiling, target persona building, steady nurturing of leads, engaging buyers through their journey, and overall, a skilled, analytical approach to managing the sales lifecycle. At WSI Montreal, our team has years of experience and a solid grasp over digital marketing best practices for industrial and manufacturing.

Contact us for a free consultation to see what services can benefit your manufacturing or industrial business. We tailor our full suite of digital marketing services and solutions to suit the specific needs of your industry and your organization.

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