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Top 6 Benefits Of Integrating A Blog As Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

Top 6 Benefits of Integrating a Blog as Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Top 6 Benefits of Integrating a Blog as Part of Your Marketing Strategy

If you’re looking to revamp your business’ marketing strategy, there’s one simple word to keep in mind: blog. Having a company blog is a simple, cost-efficient way to promote your brand online and is an essential part of any content marketing strategy. Noticed that everyone else is “blogging”, but not quite sure what the buzz is all about? Or if having a company blog is right for your business? Our digital marketing agency breaks down the top 6 benefits of integrating a blog as part of your business’ marketing strategy.

1. It Increases Your Search Engine Ranking

Blogging and search engine optimization go hand in hand. Having a blog set up on your company website is a simple and effective way to regularly upload fresh content to your site, which can help you increase your websites’ ranking. But don’t just post for the sake of having more content; optimize every post with important keywords for your business to ensure that your posts come up in search. Google loves new and regularly updated content and will reward your site by increasing your search engine ranking.

2. Increases Your Business’ Credibility

Having a business blog is a simple way to establish your business as a leader in your industry. By sharing tips, advice, industry news, strategies, etc., you establish credibility for your brand and position your business as a thought leader in your field of expertise. Regularly having helpful industry content on your blog will build loyalty and trust with your clients and followers and will keep them coming back for more.

3. Simple and Effective Way to Reach Your Clients

No more coordinating expensive press releases; blogging ultimately creates free PR for your business. The next time your company releases a new product or throws an important event, simply post about it on your blog and press Publish! Blogging is a quick and easy way to keep your clients up to date on all your latest business news, while maintaining your company voice.

4. Great for Link Building

Having a company blog is a great way to create internal links on your site; every time you create a new post, be sure to link to internal pages on your site that relate to the post, as well as any previous blog posts that are relevant to the topic. Internal link building is important for SEO and increases the credibility of your website; it shows that your content is relevant, helpful, and well though-out.

5. Great for Repurposing Content

Writing the blog is just the beginning! Get as much traction out of your posts are possible by repurposing the content in email marketing campaigns, social media updates, e-books, etc. Repurposing blog content is a quick and easy way to create content on other online marketing channels, for example:

  • One blog post could equal 5 separate tweets, 3 Facebook posts, 4 LinkedIn posts and 3 Pins
  • Use a blog post as one chapter of your business’ next e-book
  • Create an infographic based on your latest post

Get the idea?

6. Generate More Leads and Find New Customers

According to a HubSpot survey, “60% of businesses who blog acquire more customers”. Isn’t that enough reason alone to get blogging?! In fact, businesses who blog acquire 4 times more leads than those who don’t. Having a business blog allows you to reach more customers while generating more meaningful leads.

Time to get blogging! But first, take a crash course on creating the perfect blog post.

Don’t have the time to write content? Or would rather focus on what you do best (i.e. running your business)? Learn more about our digital marketing agency’s content marketing services or contact WSI Montreal today.

Laurie McCullagh

Laurie McCullagh, a digital marketing professional and a seasoned Montreal SEO expert, is the managing partner of WSI Digital Marketing Montreal. With over 20 years of extensive experience in the industry, Laurie specializes in propelling the online visibility and credibility of manufacturers, distributors, professional service firms, and organizations. Laurie’s holistic and client-centric approach, with a meticulous focus on website development and SEO specifically tailored to meet individual business needs, aims to generate more qualified leads to clients, boosting sales and establishing a strong online reputation and presence.

Her commitment to the business community is further exemplified by her role as the VP of Corporate Affairs for the West Island of Montreal Chamber of Commerce.

Laurie’s rich digital marketing portfolio and comprehensive web services in Montreal are sought after by diverse sectors seeking to enhance their digital footprint and market reach. Her reputation as an online marketing and website development expert is further exemplified by consistent results, many satisfied clients, and numerous Website awards.

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