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Introducing Intention Financial’s Website

Introducing Intention Financial’s Website

The New Website for The New Wealth Management Firm Led By Stephen Hall and Rean Sayegh-Lawand


Our Montreal web design firm is thrilled to announce the recent launch of the new website for Intention Financial, a wealth management firm in Montreal led by Stephen Hall and Rean Sayegh-Lawand. Our digital marketing agency in Montreal was given the privilege of creating a website to promote the new brand and support the new partnership. We are very thankful to the Intention Financial team for their confidence and trust in us to deliver a website that truly reflects their new partnership and brand. 

The website itself offers a wealth of information about insurance, investments, and retirement planning. We also worked in association with a trusted content partner, SIVA Marketing, and a logo and brand specialist, Mauve Mango. This truly was a great partnership collaboration.

“Intention Financial offers personalized wealth management services that empower their clients to achieve their financial goals with confidence and peace of mind.”

Through the website, you can find out more about the financial management services offered by Intention Financial, as well as a wealth of information about their investment strategies. The website is also mobile responsive, making it accessible on any device. 

We are confident that Intention Financial’s new website will help them firmly establish a solid reputation, reach their goals and provide their clients with the best possible wealth management information and services.

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