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5 Ways To Grow Your Social Audience

5 Ways to Grow Your Social Audience

ways to grow your social audience

When it comes to your social media strategy, there’s one thing that you need before anything else – an audience. Of course, building a following is easier said than done. To help you out, our digital marketing agency has outlined several simple methods to help you grow your audience.

1. Reach out to your current clients and subscribers

You already have a substantial contact list from your email marketing efforts – use it! Send out a newsletter notifying your subscribers of the social platforms you’re on, and ask them to connect with your brand. Similarly, if you already have friends, family, or long term clients that are on the network, don’t be shy to ask them to connect with your business. Spread the word!

2. Invite your current followers to connect with you on the new platform

If your company’s already on one social network, use this to your advantage! Use your established account to attract followers to your new platform. Tweet about your new Facebook page or post about your new Twitter account; it’s that simple. The truth is, the majority of your followers are likely to be on more than one social network, and will be more than willing to follow you on more than one platform.

3. Integrate social icons everywhere!

Your website, your blog, your email signature – you should continuously be informing and reminding clients and prospects that you’re active on social media and directing them to your profiles. As well, always be sure to integrate social media icons with your existing marketing efforts; any advertisements, brochures, or business cards should prominently identify which platforms you’re on and the corresponding URLs or handles.

4. Be active online and join the conversation

Social media is about interaction; be sure to engage on relevant industry sites, forums, blogs, and pages. Become part of the conversation! The more active you are online, the more likely potential followers are to come across your brand. Significantly, when you come across relevant accounts, be sure to follow them; if you follow them, there’s a high probability of them following you back.

5. Pay to play

The unfortunate truth: the more popular a medium becomes, the more expensive it is to get noticed on that platform. More than ever this is true for social media. If you want your account to get noticed, you may have to pay a little. Occasionally promoting posts, tweets, pins, pages, or even running contests, can do a lot to rapidly increase your following. And if the content’s good, your audience will stick around.

Building a social audience isn’t impossible or difficult, but it does take time and effort. Don’t expect it to happen overnight. Good luck!

Curious about other areas of social media? Visit our social media marketing page and be sure to contact us to find out how our social media services can help your business. And- last but not least – don’t forget to like us on Facebook for all the latest digital marketing news and trends!

Laurie McCullagh

Laurie McCullagh, a digital marketing professional and a seasoned Montreal SEO expert, is the managing partner of WSI Digital Marketing Montreal. With over 20 years of extensive experience in the industry, Laurie specializes in propelling the online visibility and credibility of manufacturers, distributors, professional service firms, and organizations. Laurie’s holistic and client-centric approach, with a meticulous focus on website development and SEO specifically tailored to meet individual business needs, aims to generate more qualified leads to clients, boosting sales and establishing a strong online reputation and presence.

Her commitment to the business community is further exemplified by her role as the VP of Corporate Affairs for the West Island of Montreal Chamber of Commerce.

Laurie’s rich digital marketing portfolio and comprehensive web services in Montreal are sought after by diverse sectors seeking to enhance their digital footprint and market reach. Her reputation as an online marketing and website development expert is further exemplified by consistent results, many satisfied clients, and numerous Website awards.

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