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Why You Should Consider Marketing With Google Street View Trusted

Why You Should Consider Marketing with Google Street View Trusted

One of our clients, Cuisines Nuenza, a custom kitchen design specialist, recently engaged a Google authorized photographer to visit their store in order to capture the essence and décor of their kitchen showroom.

Google Street View Trusted is a tool for businesses to showcase their premises via a virtual tour, which is displayed on various Google properties, such as Google Street View and Google Plus. With a few clicks of your mouse you can “enter” the store, then “walk” through the main parts of the store or place of business. If you select the arrows on either side of the screen, you can do a 360° turn or head down a hallway or into a different section of the store.

This new visual aid will help businesses;

  • Showcase the store interior
  • Show the storefront to help people locate your retail location, building or office
  • Display the types of products that you offer
  • Show specific types of displays that you want people to focus in on

The increased visibility within the Google sphere will lead to improvement in click through rates and increased engagement with potential clients. Visit and check out the fantastic kitchen showroom that Nuenza has created. Street View Trusted is presented as “See Inside”.

Consider the possibilities; if you are in the hospitality or tourism industry, you can now virtually invite visitors into your place of business and they can tour around to get a feel for the place before he or she buys.

So why not consider this additional visual marketing aid to increase your online visibility and get a better opportunity to showcase your place of business?

For more information regarding increasing your online visibility, contact WSI Montreal.

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