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5 Tips For Leveraging Social Media To Increase Your Leads

5 Tips for Leveraging Social Media to Increase Your Leads

Social media is here to stay and it’s continually growing and expanding. The bottom line – your business needs to be active on social media. But if your social networking efforts don’t translate into conversions, what’s the point? Below, our Montreal web design firm has outlined five tips to help you leverage social media to increase your leads.

1. Focus on the Right Platforms

Know your target market. Just because there are countless social platforms out there, doesn’t mean your business should be on all of them. Find out which platforms your target audience are active on and focus your efforts on these networks.

2. Reach Your Target Audience with Quality Content

Forget sales, on social media your goal is to share quality content and present your brand as a reliable source. You don’t want to “push” your brand on users; you want them to approach you. Share relevant articles, tips, and blog posts that resonate with your target audience. When content is engaging and focused on meeting your buyers’ needs, you build brand awareness, brand loyalty, and ROI.

3. Engage and Build Relationships

There’s a reason it’s called social media! As our digital marketing agency mentioned in an earlier post about growing your social audience, if you’re active on the right platforms, potential customers are more likely to come across your brand. Share tips on message boards and participate in discussion forums; by engaging with industry peers, you’re establishing your business’ credibility. Notably, LinkedIn is a great platform for joining industry groups and connecting with potential clients. It’s not about the sales pitch, it’s about networking!

4. Monitor Brand Keywords

Monitor your social platforms for keywords. There are plenty of free social media tools to help you manage your platforms, including Hootsuite, TweetDeck and more. Create search fields for important industry keywords and engage with users who are discussing these topics online; if you’re helpful and engaging, they’ll keep your brand at the top of their mind. This is particularly useful for local businesses, as geo-tagging searches can help you effectively reach users in your area. It’s a non-intrusive way of reaching out to those who have already shown interest in your product or service.

5. Always Provide Quality Customer Service

Social platforms have become synonymous with customer service; clients now expect to be able to reach your brand online. You need to be continuously monitoring your accounts for comments, interaction, and customer inquiries. Customer service quality – good or bad – is something customers remember; if you put your clients first, they’re likely to spread the word. Think of it as a winning formula:

Brand Awareness + Positive Word of Mouth = Leads
The age of the “cold call” is dead. If your potential clients are on social media, that’s where you need to connect with them. If executed properly, social media can become one of your business’ primary tools for generating leads.

Don’t have the time to efficiently manage and monitor your social media platforms? Contact WSI Montreal today to find out more about our social media marketing services.

Laurie McCullagh

Laurie McCullagh, a digital marketing professional and a seasoned Montreal SEO expert, is the managing partner of WSI Digital Marketing Montreal. With over 20 years of extensive experience in the industry, Laurie specializes in propelling the online visibility and credibility of manufacturers, distributors, professional service firms, and organizations. Laurie’s holistic and client-centric approach, with a meticulous focus on website development and SEO specifically tailored to meet individual business needs, aims to generate more qualified leads to clients, boosting sales and establishing a strong online reputation and presence.

Her commitment to the business community is further exemplified by her role as the VP of Corporate Affairs for the West Island of Montreal Chamber of Commerce.

Laurie’s rich digital marketing portfolio and comprehensive web services in Montreal are sought after by diverse sectors seeking to enhance their digital footprint and market reach. Her reputation as an online marketing and website development expert is further exemplified by consistent results, many satisfied clients, and numerous Website awards.

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